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Metal Braces in Virginia Beach, VA

Metal braces are the most recognized and widely used type of braces. Drs. Savage, Sabol & Visser treat many children, teens, and adults living in and around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, including residents throughout Virginia’s eastern shore with metal braces to correct and improve both their smiles and their self-confidence. Our patients can start treatment for as little as $99 with low monthly payments.

Metal Braces in Virginia Beach, VAWhat are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are the ones you see most often on people of all ages. These braces are typically used to correct most orthodontic issues since they are the strongest and most durable. The appearance of metal braces has advanced over the years, as they don’t take up your entire mouth. Brackets are small, and the wires are thin, yet very strong to move teeth into the correct position. Orthodontic technology has made it possible to add color to braces by providing elastic bands in a rainbow of colors.

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost in Virginia Beach?

Orthodontic treatment with metal braces varies based on each patient’s issues and how long they must be worn. It is worth noting that metal braces are typically the most affordable orthodontic treatment compared to the others, which is one reason they are so highly used. We go over the costs of metal braces along with our payment and financing options. If you have dental insurance, we can help you determine whether there is coverage for orthodontics to offset the cost, reduce your out-of-pocket expense and make your treatment more affordable. At Savage, Sabol and Visser, we offer orthodontic treatment options for just $99 down and as little as $200 a month.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

Metal braces use small metal brackets affixed to the teeth through which wires are passed. The wires are held on with elastic bands to keep the wires in place, so they can gradually shift the teeth. Metal braces are the most commonly used braces as they treat any kind of orthodontic issues, from minor alignment issues to more complicated challenges.

How Long Do I Have to Wear Metal Braces?

Orthodontic treatment duration will vary with metal braces, as they are based on the purpose of wearing them. You can plan on seeing one of our orthodontists every 6-8 weeks for evaluations and adjustments to keep your teeth shifting into the correct positions. While some patients may only require braces for several months, others must wear them for a couple of years. The average length of time is about 18 to 24 months. During your consultation with one of our orthodontists, you will get an estimate on how long you will have them.

What Foods Should I Avoid with Metal Braces?

With any type of braces, we always recommend you avoid sugary foods and drinks. Additionally, braces do not like chewy, sticky, or hard foods. We provide you with a detailed list of foods to avoid so that you’ll know what you can and cannot eat.

Do Metal Braces Hurt?

Metal braces do not hurt; however, there may be some slight discomfort initially and immediately following each adjustment. This only lasts for a few days and is typically minimal. If needed, you may take an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

How Do I Know if Metal Braces are Right for Me?

If you need orthodontics to straighten your teeth or correct issues with your bite or jaw alignment, you are definitely a candidate for metal braces. We recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our orthodontists so they can evaluate your teeth and recommend the best course of treatment.

Metal braces are used to treat most orthodontic issues. If you live in or nearby Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake or Virginia’s eastern shore, Drs. Savage, Sabol & Visser have five locations to make it easy to seek treatment. Our patients can start treatment for as little as $99 with low monthly payments. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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