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Patients are commonly referred to our office by their family dentist or you may have questioned the need for orthodontic treatment yourself and learned of our office from family, friends, relatives, or co-workers. In either case, we would be honored for you to choose our office for your orthodontic needs.

If you are bringing your child in for an orthodontic examination, we support the American Association of Orthodontists recommendation that children be seen as early as the age of seven or earlier if a problem is recognized. This allows us the opportunity to evaluate the patient’s dental and skeletal development for potential problems that can best be treated with early treatment or preventive measures. This initial examination and future follow-up evaluation appointments are called our “Recall System”.

New Patient Forms

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The Initial Orthodontic Examination

The initial appointment is a clinical examination to determine if you or your child is a candidate for orthodontic treatment. We will advise you of any problems and the necessary corrective treatment. The anticipated treatment time and costs of orthodontic treatment will also be discussed. There is usually no charge for this initial visit.

Diagnostic Records

If treatment is indicated, diagnostic records will be taken which enable the doctors to customize orthodontic treatment for you or your child’s specific orthodontic needs. The records consist of special x-rays, oral photographs and impressions for upper and lower study models. For your convenience this appointment is typically done at the same visit as the initial examination.


At this appointment, the proposed treatment plan, which has been determined by all three doctors, will be presented and explained in detail including treatment options. If the patient is a minor, both parents are encouraged to come to this appointment so that everyone understands the initial orthodontic problems and the treatment goals. The financial arrangements will be finalized at this time. For your convenience, this appointment can sometimes be completed with a telephone consultation. In most cases the orthodontic appliances will be placed at the consultation appointment.

Other Helpful Information for New Patients

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