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Pros and Cons of Metal Braces

Metal Braces in Virginia Beach, VAWhen it comes to getting braces, you want to make sure what you’re getting is the best option for you. There are so many different ways to straighten your teeth nowadays, but not every orthodontic treatment is created equal. Today, we’re going to be going over the pros and cons of traditional metal braces, so you know what you can expect from your metal braces experience.

What are Metal Braces?

Metal braces are the traditional braces we typically think of when picturing an orthodontic treatment. These braces are appropriate for patients of all ages and are most often used to correct all severities of misalignment. Metal braces consist of small metal brackets, strung together with thin metal wire, and sometimes supplemented with small, elastic bands. This is the most recommended orthodontic treatment for patients looking for a way to straighten their teeth in a timely manner.

What are the Benefits of Metal Braces?

There are many benefits to getting your teeth aligned with the help of metal braces, including:

  • Most efficient treatment for severely misaligned teeth and jaws
  • Most cost-effective orthodontic treatment
  • Strongest and most durable type of braces or low maintenance
  • Evaluations spaced six to eight weeks apart
  • Can be customized with colors to match your personality

What are the Drawbacks of Metal Braces?

Along with the benefits, there are a few drawbacks to getting metal braces, including:

  • Most visible type of orthodontic treatment
  • Oral hygiene is more difficult
  • Can be irritating to inside of cheeks
  • Requires avoiding certain types of food and drink
  • Brackets breaking may prolong treatment

What are the Various Types of Braces?

Metal braces aren’t the only option out there to align your teeth. At Savage, Sabol and Visser Orthodontics, we also offer lingual braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign® invisible aligners, and more. Each of these orthodontic treatments has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The best way to find out which type of treatment is best for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our expert orthodontists. They’ll assess your teeth, and develop a personalized treatment plan based upon your desired outcomes, budget, and lifestyle.

Are you ready to learn more about your perfect orthodontic treatment at an affordable price? Call our office today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Drs. Savage, Sabol, and Visser today.

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