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Your Orthodontist vs. Direct-to-Consumer Aligners

Orthodontics in Virginia Beach, VADirect-to-consumer aligner companies, like the recently started SmileDirectClub™, have created a lot of hype in the orthodontic world with massive advertizing campaigns. These convenient teeth straightening treatments promise amazing results and may seem like a no-brainer, but are they really as great as everyone thinks they are? We’re here to clear the air and let you know that a professional orthodontic treatment should never be put in the hands of the average person. Here’s what you need to know about why regular visits to your orthodontist can never be replaced.

What are Direct-to-Consumer Aligners?

Direct-to-consumer aligners are affordable invisible alignment trays that are sent directly to your door. With these treatments, all you have to do is take an impression of your mouth to send out to the company, who creates custom alignment trays for you to use to straighten your teeth. The leading direct-to-consumer aligner brand claims their aligners take an average of six months to straighten teeth for 60 percent less money than the cost of braces.

Why Should I Go to an Orthodontist Instead?

Orthodontists are professionals who go through special training to ensure your jaw and teeth are aligned correctly and efficiently with a using their specialty training, knowledge, experience and personalized treatment planning. Here are three reasons why taking that responsibility into your own hands may have detrimental side effects.

1.     Invisible Aligners May Not Be Right for You

Invisible aligners are really only helpful for patients who have mild to moderate misalignment in their teeth. They are not a suitable orthodontic treatment or patients with more severe jaw and tooth misalignment. Talking to your orthodontist after a proper evaluation is the only true way to know invisible aligners are even an option you should consider.

2.     Regular Scans and Evaluations are Necessary

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s critical to have regular evaluations conducted by your orthodontist to ensure your alignment isn’t causing any underlying issues. Without having these regular evaluations, improper alignment of your teeth and jaw may occur, causing a series of future problems.

3.     Improper Alignment Can Cause Serious Issues

Teeth that are not aligned properly can cause a multitude of serious issues. Most commonly, patients experience chronic headaches, jaw pain, and tooth pain when their teeth are misaligned. However, teeth that are not properly aligned may end up causing more misalignment issues to arise, including an overbite or under-bite.

How Do I Get Started with my Orthodontic Treatment?

Starting your orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Simply contact us to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our expert orthodontists. They’ll assess your mouth with state-of-the-art scans and equipment before providing you with a fully personalized treatment plan that’s guaranteed to give you the perfect smile in as little time as possible. Plus, our treatments are now more affordable than ever with as little as $99 down and $200 monthly payments.

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