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Braces for All Ages in Virginia Beach

For decades, braces have been used by people of all ages to help brighten smiles and correct dental issues. These appliances help to align teeth to fix common issues concerning the appearance of your teeth as well as more impactful issues like poorly positioned jaws and bites.

Braces for TeenagersBraces in Virginia Beach, VA

Braces are most commonly worn by teens between the ages of 11 and 17 because they’re most effective as the patient’s permanent teeth are developing but not completely set and therefore are easier to manipulate. By age 12, most permanent teeth have erupted from the gums and can be worked on to correct any misplacements in alignment. Crooked teeth, gaps between teeth and bad bites can easily be detected and easily corrected through orthodontic treatment. By the patient’s teenage years, the position of the permanent teeth is set and any issues rarely resolve by themselves, which leads them to seek professional help from an orthodontist. Also, teenagers’ rapid growth can be harnessed by doctors to correct orthodontic issues quickly as the jaw and mouth develop completely, often in far less time than in adults.

Braces for Children

Braces for young children is growing in popularity. Once frowned upon, orthodontic treatment at a young age is becoming more and more common as progressively early treatment and prevention is becoming valued over reactive treatment in a child’s later years. Early treatment today involves addressing the problem as soon as it’s apparent. By age 7, baby teeth are beginning to fall out and permanent teeth are beginning to show if they’ll erupt into the correct positions. Early orthodontic treatment to guide the teeth can be extremely effective. Although braces can cause some minimal discomfort for children, early braces can limit the total overall treatment time drastically compared to patients who get braces as teens or adults.

Adult Braces

Finally, as braces become more affordable and widespread, more adults are opting to finally correct their orthodontic issues. As an adult, the importance of dental and oral hygiene becomes extremely important. Braces for adults are usually designed to correct large issues like bad bites, large gaps, and severely crooked teeth that lead to problems like bad breath, tooth decay, jaw joint pain, and bone loss. As technology and techniques become more refined, braces and treatments for adults are becoming just as effective as treatment plans for younger patients.

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