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Did You Know: Home Teeth Whitening May Weaken Your Teeth

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Home teeth whitening kits are widely popular and are available from many retailers including neighborhood drug stores. Due to their low cost and convenience it may seem that home teeth whitening is a good substitute for a professional teeth whitening service, however there are reasons to think twice before foregoing the professionals for an at home alternative.

According to a new study by The Independent UK, teeth whitening at home may leave teeth “weaker and more sensitive”. Tests on several brands that use chemical components not used at a professional office were found to harm the teeth’s enamel.

In addition to containing damaging chemicals, home whitening kits have another risk of human error. For example, not timing the whitening process perfectly for even regular kits may still weaken and damage your teeth. Leaving the whitening chemicals or light devise too long or too often can cause damage as well. When seeking whitening from a dentist, a professional is able to assess the patient’s teeth and gums before treatment for possible risks or weak spots. This is not possible when buying drugstore brands which leaves vulnerable teeth and gums at risk from over-processing and damage.

For more information on teeth whitening risks and benefits check out our article Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening. To request a professional teeth whitening treatment contact our trained dental team today.