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Can I Leave My Invisalign® Out for a Day?

Invisalign in Virginia Beach, VAOne of the largest benefits of Invisalign®, when compared to a traditional braces treatment, is that the Invisalign® aligners can be removed. This enables patients to enjoy food without restrictions, and makes it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. But, what happens if you forget to put your Invisalign® back in? Or perhaps you’re considering skipping a day out of convenience? Below, we’ll take a look at how missing a day of Invisalign® can affect your treatment and your progress.

Reversing Your Progress

The biggest risk of missing any period of Invisalign® use is that the teeth may shift back to an incorrect position. Invisalign® aligners are intended to be worn for 22 to 23 hours out of the day. Any less than this, and you risk hurting your progress. The amount of progress you lose will vary by patient – some will find their teeth shift more or less than others after missing some time with Invisalign®. Fortunately, even if you miss a day, you can get your treatment back on track.

Correcting Your Course of Treatment

It is important to remember that Invisalign® is designed to fit perfectly and comfortably on the teeth. After missing some time with Invisalign®, simply re-insert your aligner. If it fits without any issue, you’re good to go. If you find that it’s difficult to put your aligner on, don’t force it! This will only hurt the teeth and cause discomfort. If you can no longer fit in your current aligner, you may need to revert back to your previous aligner. This will hinder your progress by a few weeks, but getting back on track quickly is essential in making up for the damage done by missing a few days of Invisalign®.

Consulting Your Orthodontist

If you are unable to fit your current or previous Invisalign® aligner onto the teeth, you will have to consult your orthodontist. In some cases, you may need to adjust your treatment in order to make up for the progress lost. Your orthodontist may even recommend replacing the current Invisalign® aligners to ensure your aligners have the proper fit.


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