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How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During Halloween

Orthodontics in Virginia Beach, VAWhen it comes to Halloween, it’s not the costumes and superstitions that scare parents. Instead, it’s the post-Halloween visit to the dentist that truly causes fear! It’s common knowledge that candy and other sugary foods can wreak havoc on the teeth – but that’s part of the fun of a child’s Halloween experience! Luckily, you can keep your child AND their teeth happy by following these teeth health tips during Halloween.

Eat Candy in Moderation

One of the best ways to ensure you child’s dental health, as well as their overall health, is by limiting the amount of candy eaten in one sitting. Instead of snacking on candy throughout the day, try to limit candy to a certain meal-like a treat after lunch or dinner. You can further limit the sugar intake by sticking to smaller, “fun-sized” candy bars. Encouraging your children to eat in moderation can also help them build healthy dietary habits for long-term health!

Avoid Specific Candies

While there may not be any candies that are good for the teeth, there are certainly some that are worse than others. Sticky or chewy candies like toffee, caramel or gummies can easily get stuck in the teeth, where they can cause additional damage. These candies are an absolute“no” for anyone with braces or similar appliances! Similarly, you’ll want to avoid candies like lollipops and hard candy, which dissolve very slowly and therefore spend a lot of time exposing the teeth to sugar.

Drink Water

Drinking water already has many health benefits before you consider its candy-related benefits. But, water can also help rinse sugar out of the teeth. Otherwise, the sugar can stay stuck to the teeth until the next time you are able to brush them!

Brush Teeth

One of the best defenses against sugar and sugary candies is brushing your teeth. If your child brushes after eating candy, it can immediately cleanse the mouth of sugar and bacterias that would otherwise continue damaging their teeth. You may even be able to bribe them to brush teeth by allowing them to eat candy first!

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