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Virginia Beach Residents Ask: What are the Dangers of Fake Braces, DIY Braces and More?

Although kids in wealthier countries may dread going to get their braces, children in other parts of the world consider braces a luxury and sign of financial success. Due to this, people are signing up to get fake imitation braces to seem cool and stylish. It may seem tempting in several parts of the world, like Asia, where a real set of braces from an orthodontist can cost up to 10 times more than the fakes. Fake braces are bad because the shoddy hardware poses serious health risks to kids, and in Thailand, even the government is taking action to punish sellers because of its popularity.Braces in Virginia Beach, VA

Fake or DIY (Do-it-yourself) braces are most commonly applied by gluing metal or plastic brackets to the front of teeth and then fitting a metal wire to them. The wire is held on by colorful bands, often an important customization choice for those looking to be the cool kid in class. Although real braces are fitted by licensed orthodontic practitioners, fake braces are fitted by unauthorized vendors or even by the wearer.

The main risk of fake braces is the that the braces are not fitted by professionals. Loose wires and brackets, sharp edges, and other dangers await those who get braces that aren’t properly fitted. The wires and brackets can pop off, slashing the inside of the mouth. Sharp edges can cause extreme discomfort and pain.

The tiny pieces of metal also pose a dangerous choking risk during the fitting, as they can fall down the patient’s throat. Dangerous metals such as lead are often used in the production of the fake metal brackets and wires, which can cause serious damage to health with prolonged contact, especially inside the mouth where trace amounts are ingested. Poor-fitting wires and brackets pose a serious risk to creating mouth sores that can subsequently get infected. On top of all that, the glue used to secure the brackets can damage your teeth, removing the enamel and causing discoloration and decay.

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