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5 Celebrities Who Wore Braces

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Everyone’s got teeth, and more often than not, teeth grow in crooked or misaligned. Janky teeth take away from an otherwise amazing smile but can also pose a more serious risk to your health. Crooked teeth can cause issues in the growth of the jaw’s skeletal system and can have lifelong consequences.

Braces might seem like the end of the world, but millions of others like you have had braces at some point in their lives. In fact, many of today’s most famous stars had some metal in their mouth as they were rising to fame. If you’re still having doubts, here are five celebrities that’ll prove how braces can give you a smile worthy of the red carpet.

Emma Watson: The Harry Potter star didn’t always have the straightest set of teeth in the wizarding world. She had a set of braces fitted to help improve her smile and her self-confidence on the runway.

Prince Harry: The Duke of Sussex himself wasn’t immune to crooked choppers and a wonky bite. The prince had orthodontic work done throughout his teenage years to help straighten his teeth and correct an abnormal bite.

Serena and Venus Williams: These two tennis superstars sported braces as up-and-coming players in their teens. The investment in their dental health has sure paid off, especially after spending so much time in the spotlight.

Tom Cruise: This A-list actor didn’t have a charming smile early in his career. As the Mission Impossible star rose to fame, he took the leap and got a set of clear braces to help correct his teeth. He’s been crashing cars and jumping off buildings ever since.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Now one of the world’s most famous sports stars, Cristiano started his career like so many others, with a crooked smile. Although a savant on the field, no amount of footwork could fix his smile, so he chose to have braces during his teenage years.

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If these celebrities can survive the paparazzi and tabloids with their braces, then you can survive your braces too. If you or a loved one are looking to get started on an orthodontic journey, take the time to go see Drs. Savage, Sabol, and Visser to learn more. With four locations in Virginia Beach and one off the eastern shore of Virginia, calling 757-264-6925 to schedule a free consultation has never been easier. Get yourself on the road to tomorrow’s brighter smile today.