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Will My Teeth Stay Where My Orthodontist Moved Them?

Teeth are never static, they’re always shifting and adjusting to how you speak and eat. As orthodontists spend their time ensuring that they move and shift your teeth to the correct position in your mouth, it’s your job to ensure that they stay that way. Your orthodontist will give you a retainer that will help keep your teeth in the position that your braces worked so hard for.

Using a RetainerRetainers in Virginia Beach, VA

Your teeth will eventually shift back to their original position if you don’t pay extra attention and follow the instructions given by your orthodontist after he or she removes your braces. Often this involves permanent or removable retainers that help keep your teeth straight as they settle and adjust to how you talk, bite, and eat without your braces guiding them. These small adjustments occur even with your retainer and are completely natural. The issues occur when this settling period isn’t accompanied by your retainer. When it isn’t worn as prescribed, large shifts occur that can seriously change the alignment of your teeth and set your orthodontic treatment back years.

The best way to prevent these changes is to wear your retainer as prescribed and pay close attention to how it’s affecting your teeth and your bite. Retainers aren’t always perfect and can become warped over time. It’s imperative to listen to your teeth for any discomfort and to contact your orthodontist right away if anything doesn’t feel right or if you lose your retainer.

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